These are a few of my favourite things

I own a library of a thousand books or a little more, and I love every one of them. Those I have bought and not adored, I have given to friends or charities, or left behind on my many travels. I therefore have too many favourite books to list them all, and I deeply apologise to the many, many authors, past and present, who remain much prized on my shelves, but make no visit to this list.

I also have a large collection of illustrated books, mostly quite old, with the works of the great artists of the past and illustrators such as Rackham, Dulac, Heath Robinson and many others. It seems pointless to list these.

Frankly, I just have too many favourites …

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This is the book which defines modern fantasy, and which introduced most of us to the true indulgence of escapism. The writing is not always without fault – but the book is, in general, a masterpiece. The plot wanders, but the realism grows. We are led step by step into Middle Earth until we feel that we have lived there for years. Naturally the book has remained the passionate love of almost everyone who has ever read it. Yet for me the most poignant and gripping element of the entire book is the underlying sadness and melancholy – even in the face of success – which I found and still find utterly gripping.



Dorothy Dunnett is often considered to be the all-time master of historical fiction, and I believe she entirely earned that reputation. Her Lymond series is masterly. Fans argue over which series is superior, Lymond or Niccolo. For me the Niccolo series was unnecessarily melodramatic, although still excellent.  I disliked the principal female characters (whereas I love Philippa) and others are unconvincing, especially for that era. But I cannot criticise her brilliance of plot and wealth of detail, which pulls me into her work, until I want to curl up in her books and never leave. My favourite of all these books is the heart breaking Pawn in Frankincense, but I love them all, even those I criticise.



I have done mountains of research while writing my historical novels. Most, although not all, of this has been based around the late medieval, the life, personality and times of King Richard III, and the consequences of whether or not this king was a tyrant. I have studied so many books on the subject that it is amazing that one should stand out in my memory, but it does. Many of the books I read were poor, misleading or inaccurate themselves. But many were brilliant and immensely helpful, whatever actual stance they chose to take on the subject. This non-fiction book on Richard III stands out as the most exceptional. A comparatively unbiased study ends in re-affirming my own belief that Richard III, although a warrior and man of his times, was no Shakespearean monster, but simply a nobleman of honour, trust, ambition, loyalty and religious scruples. It was not this book alone which convinced me, far from it. But Annette Carson’s book is comprehensive regarding the relevant time period and covers every detail with alluring logic, strict accuracy and matter-of-fact presentation. I recommend it to anyone interested in the truth, and not simply in prejudice.



This is undoubtedly a work of genius. Although now a classic of many years past, it remains one of the most moving and readable works of fantasy concerning King Arthur and the old myths turned around. We start with the entirely delicious and brilliantly written story of young Wart, the child-Arthur, in The Sword in the Stone, and then move on to an entirely different mood with the dark sadness of Morgana and the knights as Arthur ages. Brilliant humour twists back on itself. This is a novel of amazing depth.



This is not one book, of course. I adored the first three or four andthen became less enamoured, but they are all certainly beautifully written. This author has a true understanding of humour and wit, and a vast understanding of history. These books have been criticised for their sexism, and yes, Flashman is no feminist’s dream, but the books are humorous, clever, and original. George MacDonald Fraser leads us through a series of magnificent historical adventures with tongue-in-cheek and good-natured romping.



Georgette Heyer taught me about romance when I was still too young to experience it myself. I think Devil’s Cub is her very best, although all her thousands of fans probably have different choices. Her plots are simple but delightful, but her great strength is characterisation. Her heroes can be so utterly alluring they practically create their own genre. I certainly wouldn’t want Dominic in real life, but in this book he is the ultimate romantic dream. Without using one single direct sexual word, action, or even illusion, Ms. Heyer sparks pure sexual longing in the reader’s breast.



I once had a very slight acquaintance with the amazing author of this incredible and brilliant trilogy. This fantasy is gloriously unique, with a level of imaginative originality which, frankly, is rare. The characters are compulsively vivid, all fairly unpleasant of course, but with weaknesses that soon become endearing. I found this utterly essential reading and although it is so unusual that it would not be to everyone’s taste, to anyone who loves true fantasy, it is well worth reading and is so fascinating that once started, it cannot be put down.




Mary Renault is beyond comparison. I adore absolutely everything she has written, but these are my favourites. Apart from the pure brilliance of her writing, she had the ability which I have so admired in a few rare others, of presenting myth and fantasy as if it is entirely believable and beautifully realistic, Again there is the underlying melancholy of pure myth, and her writing and her story-telling skills (which are two different things) are incomparable.



I became quickly hooked on these modern fantasies. Brent Weeks was very young, but wrote with a real understanding of literary anticipation, characterisation and true adventure. I have bought all his books since this first trilogy, since I find his work quite compelling.




S. Fowler Wright wrote many books and I was a passionate fan of them all when I was much younger. I was surprised to find that many of his amazing novels are once more in print and available on Amazon even though they were written so long ago. And yes, they are well worth buying, though the style will now be a little dated, for the excellence of imagination, gripping plots and pure underlying magic are still very much alive. The Island of Captain Sparrow was a deeply disturbing fantasy, which was filmed some years ago, and which has inspired many other authors, including me!



I wonder if there’s anyone else alive who has read this book. If so, tell me! It was never a best seller and was published long, long ago but I loved it as a child, and love it still. It awoke in me the understanding of myth and how to create fantasy and craft it into a semblance of truth. I adored those strange melancholy characters. I still remember the quote that used to make me cry, “To sleep and sleep and sleep. And that will be the best of all.”



There are a number of books in this modern series, and I have only read the first one, but I am hooked. The plot is nonsense, but the writing is excellent and the concept is pure delight. An endless stream of delicious wit and humour leads us through the urban fantasy of the London beneath London, and it is undemanding joy from beginning to end. So clever. Forget the plot. You don’t need it.



This highly clever and original fantasy engaged me from page 1. It is deliciously absurd but extremely well written with constant surprise and enduring skill. This is a book of pure, glorious imagination, and that’s something I greatly admire.



Alright, so the series went steadily downhill. But this first book was the kick off for the whole Vampire-passion in recent years. Anne Rice crafted an incredibly clever novel and created details and background which went way beyond the limits of the original Bram Stoker, and of those vampires who came later. This deep and wonderfully atmospheric novel is simply and completely excellent.



An old favourite and so rich in atmosphere and imagination. Skilled and immensely enjoyable. This is a book to lose yourself in. This is a perennial favourite, and deserves to be.



Such beautiful collection of atmospheric magic, beautifully written, and a constant inspiration to anyone who loves the Arthurian legends, and fantasy in general.





And almost everything else by this remarkable and unique Italian author. His work cannot be classed as fantasy, but they are unique and remarkably clever. His ‘voice’ is entirely original and refreshing. His books wake me up, makes me laugh, makes me think, and makes me want to write better.



The brilliance of these stories, although evident in many aspects of these exceptional books, lies principally in the expert creation of one of the most unusual, unlikely and delightful heroines in the history of literature. These books are addictive and absolutely entertaining.

FILMS & TELEVISION LORD OF THE RINGS ﷯ One of the few series of films which actually manages (more or less) to live up to the beauty of the original book. The special effects were amazing, the time effort and money where certainly worth it. ﷯INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE Magical. So very clever and well done in every way. Also a haunting experience and by far and away Tom Cruise’s best film. Lives up to the book. SHAKESPEARE’S RICHARD III﷯ Laurence Olivier’s portrayal of Shakespeare’s monster is charismatic in the extreme. Although this play bears little if any historical accuracy, it is still wildly entertaining and started my love of the medieval. The pure unbelievable genius of Shakespeare’s words is beautifully illuminated. ﷯PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN (Curse of the Black Pearl) This might possibly be the most entertaining film I have ever seen. The whole delicious nonsense is excellent, and Johnny Depp’s creation of Captain Jack is a true masterpiece. His first appearance and introduction into the story is utterly brilliant. Tremendous fun. LOVE ACTUALLY﷯ Innocent undemanding entertainment, wonderfully humorous and the sort of film I’ll watch on DVD in the evenings when I am exhausted or depressed. This will always cheer me up. ﷯TWO WEEK’S NOTICE I certainly think this deserved to be a far bigger success than it actually was. I laughed out loud so often, rare, and found both the principal protagonists, Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock so intensely humorous and likeable. SNATCH﷯ So delicious, so clever, so well done. Another of those films which is guaranteed to cheer me up just when I need it. As someone who lived in London for years, I can vouch for the authenticity. ﷯SWEENY TODD Everything about this film is quite brilliant, the acting, the direction, the concept, the script, and the glorious music. The magical dark humour is exceptional. Actually the quality of every aspect is exceptional. So much fun! And Johnny Depp Too... As with the books, there are too many wonderful films for me to list. I love the escapism and rich atmospheric possibilities of film, and have a large treasured collection of DVDs. But you wouldn’t want me to go on, and on, and on forever! Television Alright, I confess, I’m another Game of Thrones nut. I adore that series and look forward to the next season each year. Not far off Season 6 right now ----- GAME OF THRONES Addictive. The combination of character and storyline is brilliantly﷯achieved, and the quality of script, acting, detail and photography brings this to life. The rather exaggerated sex scenes can jar, but I have few criticisms. I look forward all year to the new season. Of course, this series is supposedly based on the medieval quarrels of warring families, the Wars of the Roses, and the raging brutality which supposedly existed back then. Not entirely true, of course, but great inspiration for all that. ﷯SHERLOCK This is the most brilliant series in recent years. The pure excellence of script and acting is virtually breath-taking. I adore these absolutely wonderful programmes and find them virtually perfect. I watch them over and over again. Excellence personified. THE GOOD WIFE﷯ This series was enjoyable from the beginning, and that was some years ago. But unusually it has improved massively over that period and I now find it compulsive viewing. It is intensely enjoyable. ﷯QI When this first came out my daughter who still lived in England at the time, sent me the first season recorded on video. I didn't stop laughing from start to finish, and although some episodes are weaker than others, they still having me laughing out load and scaring the cats... Naturally there are other programmes I watch and enjoy, a huge number of them over the years, but I am no television addict and there’s very little that actually hooks me. I watch more documentaries than dramas, yet I am frequently concerned regarding the poor accuracy of many history documentaries. I find huge mistakes and faults in programmes on subjects where I am knowledgeable, so can I truly believe the programmes on subjects I know nothing about? But on long evenings when I am exhausted after writing all day, television offers some relief. food Food is definitely a pleasure and quite often an indulgence, I love those heavy satisfying foods, and I am easily tempted. But I loathe fast foods of virtually all types. So yes, I can be a bit odd. CHOCOLATE (Nothing odd about that)﷯ But it has to be Dark, rich and luscious. I try to stick to Fair Trade, but over here it's not always easy. I do quite often have a small bar by my computer as I write, it helps to keep my writing juices flowing (Well that's my excuse anyway). ROAST MEAT ﷯Lamb, pork, beef, goat, and chicken in that order. Oh, the bliss of a full roast dinner with roast potatoes, Brussel sprouts, roast onion, Yorkshire pudding and gravy, I could go on and on. The one that stands way above the others is Lamb on the spit (Greek style), the juices oozing and dripping down your chin as it melts in your mouth. No matter how I try, I have not been able to replicate it by cooking in the oven, which means I don't get it often, and this no doubt adds to its appeal. STEAK AND KIDNEY PUDDING﷯ Now I am confessing to my stodgy old English tastes. This is my secret vice. A proper suet pudding filled with beef, kidney and onion with a few herbs, cooked in a steamer for long slow hours throughout the day brings out the flavour which no other form of cooking can. ﷯ICE CREAM Not too sweet. Something with genuine flavour, not just a cold sugary chemical disguised as fruit. Rich Chocolate or Stem Ginger are amongst my favourites, but a really good vanilla can be just as good. GOOEY CREAM CAKES﷯ Chocolate eclairs or Cream slices, actually any would do...not too often, because it's not always easy to find the good ones. ﷯FRESH CRUSTY BREAD Not the horrid white sliced stuff, but something really crusty and full of flavour, from a really good bakery. And I admit to using lots of real butter. A GLASS OF WINE﷯ I like both red and white, but with red it has to be a good one, where as with White, as long as it's dry. This is what I treat myself to at the end of the day, when I switch my computer off. A CUPPA!﷯ But the thing I have most of all is a cup of Tea, not friut tea, green tea or anything fancy, just a really hot fresh cup of tea. However the cup you drink from does make a difference, mine is a slim mug made from Bone China as it helps to give the tea a clean taste and keeps it hot for longer. There's nothing else like quite it. The English do seem to think a cup of tea solves all problems, unfortunately not, but it does help.... Again I could go on, but I think I've covered the best bits. What is your secret treat?