This is a most unusual crime mystery, and the twists are not as you would expect them. Many crimes go misunderstood and unpunished. But not forever. It is these consequences which we do not always comprehend, or are not around to judge.


The young man is not sure how he died. Nor is he sure who to blame. But he is most certainly dead and not enjoying it, so he blames himself. He won’t allow those wretched shining do-gooders to tell him what he should be doing, but the flying gangs from the lower planes are no longer his friends either. Heaven is not the paradise he might have supposed, and now simply wishes to be left alone. After all, once dead, recriminations seem to bring small benefit.


There are many others and they all have their hopes, their histories and their failings to overcome. There is a great deal to see and the freedom to see it, but the young man chooses a life with the birds and shuns humanity. Until he meets Daisy. Yet as soon as he is comfortable with Daisy, Wilmot arrives and unravels his composure all over again.


He must, after all, face the circumstances of his death and the surprising truth of his life, leading to the final twist at the end.









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