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Welcome to my Bookshelf

Here you can click on each book to find all sorts of information. There is the first chapter, My inspirations, and a selection of reviews from readers as well as links to purchase. (New added mood boards from pinterest) .

Most of the books are now available in paperback as well as ebooks from Amazon, I hope that this makes it easier for you.

"The best part of the book for me was the characters. Every single player had depth and personality, an interesting history, and a questionable future." Delsheree Gladdon, The Edible Bookshelf
"What a wonderfully written book this is! I've seldom read anything that conveys such a vivid sense of place, and the author's writing is poetic, evocative, and expressive. This is a wonderful writer. The first thing I did upon finishing was to buy another of hers. There's much to love about Fair Weather, and a sequel would certainly be welcome." Amazon Review.(First Edition)

Fair Weather (Released on June 2nd 2016)

Molly just wants to sleep at night, but the dreams won’t leave her alone. The light goes out, while distant echoes of thunder diminish into the night. Molly has dreamed of it before, but this time her eyes are open and she’s wide awake.


The man is bending over her but she only sees his shadow.


Then everything changes. It is a world of buzzing chatter, markets, the calls of birds, bright sunshine and the cobbled alleys of old London.


But when Molly turns and blinks, everything dissolves into shadows once more. And she hears the siren of police cars, and they are coming closer.


An identical murder in the distant past of her dreams joins the two worlds in equal danger. Molly travels time but is followed by some horror which kills and mutilates at will.


And the man, his voice the rustle of dead leaves, is always there. Yet Molly discovers far more than fear and misery. She discovers a whole new life, and a love she could never have imagined. she no longer wants to return – but she must.


The Flame Eater

Nicholas, now heir to the earldom, has no desire to marry his dead brother’s cast-off mistress. And Emeline has no desire to marry the brutal monster who murdered his brother, the man she loved and hoped to marry.

This arranged marriage is a disaster, it would seem that it can’t get any worse. But it does. Fire rages through the castle and takes over the wedding night, and any hopes of reconciliation.

But not everything is as it seems. Murder and arson are destroying more than just one alliance, and the culprit is unknown.

But there are other matters to consider. It is 1484 and Richard III is England’s monarch. The king entrusts many of his lords with responsibilities in the service of their country, and Nicholas is charged with the undercover investigation into two desperately important situations, which involves travel to the south of England.


Emeline joins with her younger sister and others of the household, determined to discover who is responsible for the disasters which have now entirely disrupted their lives. But the suspects are so many. It is therefore a group of eager but desperate women of various ages, characters and capabilities who attempt to solve the mystery.

Meanwhile, Nicholas learns that he has a wife to admire and to adore. But is he a murderer? Is her mother? Her nurse? And will England’s political turmoil threaten their peace and cause even greater uncertainty? Life will never be the same. But perhaps that is just as well.


"The author's captivating style takes the reader from the sweeping vista of the blood-drenched battlefield, mired in muck and gore, to the raucous chaos of medieval London, to the subtle intimacies of the bedchamber in an intricate plot. A must read for anyone who enjoys Medieval,romance,England, the Tudor dynasty and an amazing story of love." Romancing The Book
"Barbara Gaskell Denvil’s historical novels are impossible to put down. From the very first page, she hooks the reader in her superbly researched stories that not only bring the past alive, but also are peopled by unforgettable, vivid and alive characters. Brilliant writing and fantastic storytelling makes Denvil a true star." Wendy Dunn, Author of Dear Heart, How Like You This? and The Light in the Labyrinth.


This is a unique suspense novel, and the twists are not as you would expect. Many crimes go misunderstood and unpunished. But not forever.


The young Primo is not sure how he died. Nor is he sure who to blame. But he is most certainly dead and not enjoying it, and so blames himself. He won’t allow those wretched shiny do-gooders to tell him what he should be doing, but the flying gangs from the lower planes are no longer his friends either. Heaven is not the paradise he expected, and now Primo simply wants to be left alone. After all, once dead, recrimination seem to promise small benefit.


There are many other blundering souls and they all have their hopes, their histories and their failings to overcome. There is a great deal to see and the freedom to see it, but Primo chooses a life with the birds and shuns humanity. Until he meets Daisy.


Yet once comfortable with Daisy, Wilmot arrives and unravels his composure all over again. Primo must, after all, face the circumstances of his death and the surprising truth of his life, leading to the final twist.


Lose yourself in this gripping story of Primo and the crimes he thought he had committed.


STARS AND A WIND (Book One, A White Horizon. Book Two, The Wind from the North. Book Three, The Singing Star)


There are places where humanity cannot go, places where they cannot rule. In pre-history humanity was not the driving force of civilisation, there were other creations, some celebrated, but others hidden.

Above all, there were the Transanima. And through the centuries some survived, pushing deeper into the ice-lands. What happens beyond the glaciers is known to very few.

Skarga’s father believes she is cursed. Shunned by her family, she has adopted an orphaned child, one of many left out in the snow. As she battles for her rights and struggles for a better life, this child brings her happiness. What he will eventually bring her, she cannot possibly guess.

Taken by the mysterious stranger paid by her father to slaughter her, Skarga and her young protégé sail across the northern sea to distant islands. Yet not everything is as it seems for these sailors are unusual in many ways, and can do things no human man should be able to do.

But she is no victim, and she escapes. So the mystery grows. Skarga’s adventure is only just beginning..


"It's rare that I find myself completely caught up in a book, believing in the events and entirely engaged with the characters, and that's a tribute to the author's skill. It's also a tribute to her thorough knowledge of the times she writes about, and her vivid scene-setting that effortlessly places you right there in late-mediaeval England." Annette Carson: Historical expert, Non- Fiction Author "Barbara Gaskell Denvil has a mastery of words. Her description of events conjures up vivid images." Readers Favourite Review
"The author is a gifted wordsmith, combining lyrical, poetic descriptions with a wealth of detail that never overpowers the reader. The natural use of language also enhances the historic elements, creating believable, appealing heroes" Readers Favorite

Blessop's Wife

1483, and England is in turmoil. But there are those who work behind the scenes to bring peace, order and prosperity. Tyballis escapes an abusive husband but finds herself in the midst of a great mystery. Who is Andrew? And what does he intend?

The King is dead. Rumour whispers. City back streets are shadowed and dangerous with watching thieves, prostitutes and spies. But not all these characters are what they seem, and Tyballis finds new friends amongst those she would once have feared.

Andrew strides ahead. But Tyballis still does not know where he is leading her, nor from what direction the danger will leap next.


Sumerford's Autumn

Sumerford Castle is far distant from Westminster and the troubled court of the new Tudor king. But when the king calls, there are few who will disobey. There is rebellion, treason, and a pretender to the throne.

Ludovic balances loyalty to his brother, a new love for the local girl his noble father disapproves of, family madness, and growing danger. But he does not expect to be arrested and thrown into the Tower dungeons, tortured on the rack, and found guilty of supporting the Pretender Perkin Warbeck. Yet Alysson is waiting, unless she has been taken by the threat that faces them all. Nothing is as it seems, but there is everything to fight for


"The descriptions of old London, the clothing, the food - it makes you feel like you are actually there. This historical novel will keep you awake as you will struggle to put it down!" Amazon Review
 "I know no other author who so completely manages to drag me back in time, leaving me submerged in a past skillfully brought to life" Anna Belfrage, Author

Satin Cinnabar

The battle is over. Jack scrambles from the wreckage, to find himself still alive although his friends and family are lost.  He must forge a new path ahead, and adapt to an ever-changing world. There is a new Tudor king on the throne, new laws and new challenges. But what he never expects to find is his favourite cousin’s murdered corpse, and himself suspected as the killer.

A growing romance helps Jack discover his courage, but there are many more obstacles to overcome. Arrested and thrown into Newgate Gaol, Jack is helped by the one person he most desires. But the real killer must still be uncovered.