In Molly’s dreams, it is the year 1206 A.D.

She is a young street urchin who has no last name and remembers no father. She is part of a band of thieves roaming the dark alleys of medieval London in search of their next mark. But it isn’t a dream.

Molly is living two separate lives.

In one life, she is a writer living in the present with the modern conveniences that we all enjoy. In the other life, she suffers the hardships of an orphaned waif with only the clothes on her back, using her wits to survive.


Does Molly leave her body behind? Or is she physically tied to both worlds? There is much she doesn’t understand. Who is the mysterious and dangerous Vespasian, the orphan family’s mentor? Molly senses that he’s hiding something sinister, but she is strangely drawn to him, as if by fate.


Can Molly stop the evil that is following her between the two worlds?








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