Future Tense, a brand new time-travel fantasy will be released soon. This is a book I adored writing and it is quite different to anything I have written before. Hopefully it will be on the shelves sometime in October, so please watch this space. Inspiration never leaves me in placid silence though, and I also have a growing idea for a ‘who-dunnit’ which I will want to start soon.


I often thought it a shame that so little history is now offered in school, and even less in fiction. I thought  filling the gap might be a holiday from the heavy research of writing for adults, but I soon learned differently. There is even more thought and discipline required in children’s fiction, but I am finding it extremely satisfying. I do hope my readers will find it as interesting as I have.


I am thrilled with my brand new website, I am already in love with it. At the same time, all my books have been re-covered, and I adore them all. I think they are more indicative of their genre and have a bit more polish. Shortly I will also have yet another new website for my children’s books. This means an awful lot is happening, and so much is changing, it feels like an exciting new beginning. I’d love some feedback.