Have you made friends with Nathan yet? His adventures have been most unexpected so far, and he and his friends have been forced to travel to new worlds, and different times. Nothing is as easy or comfortable as it seemed when Nathan first set out.

Alice, Alfie, Joh, Sam Peter and Nathan’s sister Poppy have stayed close to Nathan, and they all believe in helping each other. But help also comes from strange places.

Books 1 and 2 (SNAP and SNAKES AND LADDERS) are already out and available in ebook and paperback ready to buy on Amazon and are also in some shops and libraries. If you do not find them available, then please ask as both libraries and bookshops can stock these books.

Now number 3 in the series – BLIND MAN’S BUFF - is about to be published this coming March. Here Nathan and his friends encounter more adventures, and come closer to understanding the dangerous problems and the mysteries of the wizards and the monster Yaark.

The twists will leave you surprised, but the characters are waiting for you to join them in their adventures. And remember, not all the nice ones will turn out to be good – and not all the monsters will turn out to be bad.



Although many, perhaps even most, of my novels contain some type of mystery and crime drama, none of them so far have been straight forward modern whodunnits!

I love to write in different genres, and my favourites are historical mystery adventures with some romance, pure fantasy (once again with crime and romance inherent) and Time-Travel mysteries (not forgetting the mixed-in romance).

But now, in June of this year, my first in a brand new series is to be published, which will be pure modern crime whodunit. This is ‘If When’ and will be the first in the ‘Rochester Chronicles’, with a most unusual pair of DIY homicide detectives who make friends with D.I. Morrison from Scotland Yard and together they achieve more than they might have expected, given the unlikely trio.

The crimes are dramatic and verge on the gruesome, but the book enters into the distorted mind of the killer, and explains his obsession.

The next in the series will be ‘Ashes to Ashes’ but that will be out much later in the year.

So if you like crime mysteries? Try something a little bit different. This book will grab – and not let go.



Now available as a boxset or omnibus edition, STARS AND A WIND is a trilogy of ancient northern myth. The story will take you into the relentless freeze of unknown places, and there you will find out secrets that have never been whispered before.

If you have not read all three of these books, have a look at the boxset as it is excellent value, and for real lovers of fantasy and deep magic, this is a mystery which brings adventure, danger and romance together with the thrill of menace and unexpected twists.

Sklarga does not start off brave, as she has been bullied all her life by her father and brothers. But when she meets two of the strangest men she could imagine, then she begins to learn courage, and she faces the greatest danger of her life.

I have changed more of my book covers on Amazon. Take a look. Let me know what you think, I hope they are an improvement.

I must admit I love them all. For me, they now all seem to almost tell the story, and are more apt than they used to be. So – new covers! But the books inside are all the same, and are waiting to be discovered.



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