The Lady Katherine, having heard tales of marauding soldiers both vanquished and victorious, is dressed for safety as a boy.

Alex, escaping suffocation from beneath the dead, throws off his armour which marks him as a Yorkist. He and Katherine, both in disguise, meet in most unusual circumstances.


Lords once loyal to King Richard are being hunted, so Alex, taking refuge in the kitchens of old friends. During his unorthodox sojourn, he encounters Katherine for a second time. Given in an arranged marriage, the lady is now wedded to the new lord of the house. Coming face to face for the second time, they begin a most unorthodox courtship.


But Alex’s cousin is discovered murdered. The circumstances put Alex under suspicion, especially when Katherine’s bridegroom also dies suddenly, albeit of natural causes. The parish priest believes Alex guilty of double murder.

The plots and sub-plots interweave, held together by the strong atmospheric medieval backgrounds and the depth of characterization.




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