Deep in the heart of the Arctic, magic stirs on the wind. The future of its races is bleak. Though they have no idea what is waiting beyond the horizon.

For Skarga the story begins on the run. However, she finds that magic is both her enemy and her friend. What she learns will carry her through the dark days ahead as Skarga is hunted and imprisoned.

Once at Thoddun’s side, Skarga sees a side of the Arctic not meant for human eyes, and her presence alone complicates the already fragile bonds that hold the fabric of this clan together.

Now there is only one thing that she can be certain of: war is coming. Only fate knows what will befall the Arctic: victory or defeat.

Enter now into the frozen world of magic, war and treachery, of cruelty and kindness. Follow Skarga as she seeks solace and safety in an uncertain landscape where nothing is as it seems and so few can be trusted.

Bring home the Stars and a Wind trilogy today and discover the romance, the drama, and the magic in this grand saga of the frozen North.











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