The Accusation

The truth is stronger than the lie.

 In 1500s England, Queen Mary I rules over a volatile and desperate land. In a time of widespread flooding and starvation, she fuels the flames of discontent by attacking the Protestant population while seeking to bring England back to the Catholic Church. In the middle of all this chaos, she must fend off the attempts to replace her with her younger half-sister Elizabeth I.

 And living amongst this turmoil are three seemingly disconnected individuals. Charles, Earl of Chilham, has been left alone by friends and family while also accused of murder. Fortune Mereworth, the wife of a Protestant preacher, has been widowed and struggles to survive. And Lady Katherine has been left homeless after her mother has been wrongfully executed for treason.

 But when these three unite, they find they share much more in common than not. As they seek the answers to their respective tragedies, danger lurks all around them. And as conspiracies nestled deep inside others are revealed, the truth inches closer towards the light.

 The Accusation is a compelling historical fiction short story, full of intrigue and suspense. Author Barbara Gaskell Denvil expertly crafts a tale told through the eyes of characters who will stop at nothing to find the truth... and themselves.



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