Intrigue, Romance and Adventure, the ideal escape when curled up with a good book.


Nicholas, heir to the earldom, has no desire to marry his dead brother’s cast-off. And Emeline has no desire to marry the brutal monster who murdered his brother, the man she loved and hoped to marry.

This arranged marriage is a disaster, it would seem that it can’t get any worse. But it does. Fire rages through the castle and takes over the wedding night.

Murder and arson are destroying more than just one alliance, and the culprit is unknown.


Emeline joins with her younger sister and others of the household, determined to discover who is responsible for the disasters which have now entirely disrupted their lives. But the suspects are so many. It is therefore a group of eager but desperate women of various ages, characters and capabilities who attempt to solve the mystery.

Meanwhile, Nicholas learns that he has a wife to admire and to adore. But is he a murderer? Is her mother? Her nurse? And will England’s political turmoil threaten their peace and cause even greater uncertainty? Life will never be the same. But perhaps that is just as well.









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