Have you made friends with Nathan yet? His adventures have been most unexpected so far, and he and his friends have been forced to travel to new worlds, and different times. Nothing is as easy or comfortable as it seemed when Nathan first set out.

Alice, Alfie, Joh, Sam Peter and Nathan’s sister Poppy have stayed close to Nathan, and they all believe in helping each other. But help also comes from strange places.

Books 1 and 2 (SNAP and SNAKES AND LADDERS) are already out and available in ebook and paperback ready to buy on Amazon and are also in some shops and libraries. If you do not find them available, then please ask as both libraries and bookshops can stock these books.

Now number 3 in the series – BLIND MAN’S BUFF – is about to be published this coming March. Here Nathan and his friends encounter more adventures, and come closer to understanding the dangerous problems and the mysteries of the wizards and the monster Yaark.

The twists will leave you surprised, but the characters are waiting for you to join them in their adventures. And remember, not all the nice ones will turn out to be good – and not all the monsters will turn out to be bad.