I am half way through writing the very last in the series of Bannister’s Muster, book 6 ‘Hide & Seek’. This will soon be complete, and it will finish off the whole series, but I might well write some sort of associated story at some time in the future.

Two new epodes are now out, ‘Dominoes’ and ‘Leapfrog’. I will also be translating the series into Spanish (not personally of course,) at the end of the year as well as releasing the audio versions. This has been both tremendous fun and quite challenging at the same time. I really wanted the right voices for my characters and a good London cockney accent for some of the children. Strangely enough, this was not easy to find, but I have now and am so excited about it.

What I am looking forward to writing next is a modern whodunnit and the plot is already in my head. In one form or another, virtually all my novels are crime mysteries. But however different they may be in some ways, they all share the basic crime mystery plot. So I am going to write a series of modern whodunnits, and combine a Gloucestershire manor house which is home to a number of wealthy and aged pensioners, with a modern police force and some fairly ruthless and unpleasant crimes.

As I love combining and mixing genres, this will mix a little past-middle-age romance with some intelligent police work and detective determination.

One day I’ll go back to historical crime mysteries, but that’s not on my immediate list. Life is a mixture of genres too. We don’t ever concentrate on one thing alone. In fact, I am also considering moving to a new house, and that has taken me off on a little house hunting, which I find thoroughly enjoyable even though I haven’t yet found the perfect place.

Ah well, back to work, and find out what Nathan is about to discover …?