A White Horizon

Stars and a Wind, Book 1

A White Horizon

In the cold frozen north of the north, the smell of magic was in the air.

Accused of casting spells against her evil family, a young girl is running for her life – again. But is Skarga responsible for the curses, or is someone else casting the magic spells?

Who is Gimr the Skald?

Paid by her father to kill her, claiming to be Gimr, he captures her, but he’s not the evil man she expected. She escapes, only to fall into the hands of another, but this man has plans to entertain himself with Skarga before ending her life. After spending most of the year in captivity, Skarga vows to remain free. The secrets and magic that she encounters complicate her life, taking her on an epic enchanted journey.

“based in history but definitely fantasy. This is a brutal story that follows a 19 year old girl branded as a witch and treated in deplorable ways. From a father who hires an assassin to kidnap and kill her, to her escape and subsequent capture at the hands of an even worse captor, it is absolutely heart-wrenching. It is also very hard to put down! I wanted so desperately for Skarga to find some happiness and love that I read well into the night following her plight. It is truly an enthralling read and I’m most assuredly continuing the trilogy!”