Blind Man’s Buff: Bannister’s Muster Book Three

Bannister's Muster, Book 3

Blind Man’s Buff: Bannister’s Muster Book Three

With the royal family in trouble and a war on the horizon, it is time for action from the bravest group of children in this world– or any other! For Nathan, Poppy and friends have travelled very far to aid this world of magic. Now they must find a way to return Lashtang to peace. But there is much to do and so little time! Spying seems the best way forward, but brings its own dangers… Dragon’s, three headed dogs and a blind man to name a few. While evil wizards who seek to do even more harm, are also lurking in the shadows. It is up to Nathan and Poppy to collect an army to overcome these wizards and save their beloved Lashtang from a modern-day nightmare! Return now to Lashtang at the turning of the tides. Join Nathan, Poppy, Alfie, Alice, John, Peter, Sam, and all of your magical friends as they inch closer towards battle.


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June 14, 2018