Dominoes: Bannister’s Muster Book Four

Bannister's Muster, Book 3

Dominoes: Bannister’s Muster Book Four

The Magic is back… But so is Yaark. What is he, and is he alone?
The great City of Peganda is destroyed and thousands of innocent people are hurt and homeless. Nathan, John and Alfie organise a rescue programme, but they must also discover a way to destroy Yaark and find the all-important Eternal Chain, to bring the people of Lashtang back to their former selves.

Meanwhile back in medieval London, Poppy is having adventures of her own when she is thrown in gaol and accused of heresy. How can she escape and who is there to help her?

More amazing adventures with Pirates, Frogs, magic and much, much more. So many questions, will they be answered? Find out as you join the excitement in this next installment of Bannister’s Muster.


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September 4, 2018