In her dreams, she sees into a medieval past. If she doesn’t take control, she’ll never see her future.

As a professional author, Molly spends her days escaping into other people’s realities. So it is no surprise that she does the same in her recurring dreams. But after years of dreaming through the eyes of Tilda, an orphan girl who steals for survival on the bleak streets of medieval London, Molly discovers that her second-hand experiences are far more real than she could ever imagine.

Determined to find the truth behind her connection with this street urchin, Molly spends her nights delving deeper into the medieval London that Tilda calls home. Tilda’s benefactor Vespasian, is another mystery that Molly wants to solve. Although Tilda has very different thoughts about him.

Pursued by devilish forces, Molly must guide her young counterpart through a hellscape of blood and secrets to discover the true identity of the culprit before both their realities crumble.

Fair Weather is a spellbinding, time-bending fantasy novel. If you like vibrant historical backdrops, resourceful heroines, and dark heroes, then you’ll love Barbara Gaskell Denvil’s supernatural tale of two timelines.

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