Leapfrog: Bannister’s Muster Book Five

Bannister's Muster, Book 5

Leapfrog: Bannister’s Muster Book Five

Clebbster is awake at last, but he is no loving father, and his obsession to rid the world of the Octobrs and Bannisters, along with all their friends, gets him into more strife than he cares for.
With the Knife of Clarr, the magic skills of his family, and the courage and determination of his friends, Nathan makes life quite difficult for Clebbster.

However, Clebbster’s wife Hexaconda, and his daughter Laska appear, and they are even more unexpected than everything else. But can Nathan find a way past these terrible dangers. He is growing stronger and stronger, his confidence is growing too, but will it be enough?
So join Nathan, Poppy, their friends and family as the final battle draws nearer…


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September 4, 2018