Snakes & Ladders: Bannister’s Muster Book Two

Bannister's Muster, Book 2

Snakes & Ladders: Bannister’s Muster Book Two

The magic continues…
Previously whisked away to medieval London by a mad wizard, young Nathan Bannister experienced the journey of a lifetime. Far from the comfortable warmth of his bed, Nathan and his sister Poppy used their wits to travel across this strange new land as danger lurked all around them.
Now, Nathan’s back as his newfound friends take him on another thrilling adventure through the world of Lashtang. But Poppy becomes separated from him and is forced to fend for herself. Meanwhile, Nathan is excited at the chance to help King Richard, who is defending his land from the invader Henry. Can Nathan and his friends change the course of history? But even more danger lies ahead, as the Hazlett twins and Yaark are becoming more powerful. And what’s more – Clebbster Hazlett, the twins’ father, is lurking in the shadows…
Snakes and Ladders is the exciting second book of the Bannister’s Muster series. Author Barbara Gaskell Denvil continues this magical story of a brother and sister and their dreams of adventure. Children, hop aboard as you join Nathan and Poppy in this wondrous tale. Because the thrill of adventure is only matched… by the power of your imagination!


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June 14, 2018