The Deception of Consequences

The Deception of Consequences

Richard Wolfdon, is one of the wealthiest men in England, and occasional adviser to King Henry VIII, yet he finds there is no challenge in his everyday life. He is utterly bored.

Jemima’s father died at sea, now she must give up her home and money to her vile cousin. But the discovery of three mummified bodies in the attic brings Richard Wolfdon into her life. He intends to delve deeper, and discover the identity of the victims, and more especially of the murderer.

But on becoming better acquainted, Richard promptly falls in love. And soon realises that life is not tedious at all, and with murder and love both filling his mind with questions and delight, life soon proves absolutely glorious.

Nothing however, is ever quite that simple. With a treasure hunt into the south of England, attacks from bandits and pirates, kidnapping and invasions, there is far more to face and one adventure chases another. Who is dead and who alive? Who is hero and who villain? And with the squabbles of one man’s six voluptuous mistresses to manage – or ignore – Richard wonders if tedium was the easiest option after all.

This book brings Henry VIII and his second unfortunate wife Anne Boleyn into the plot, and with historical accuracy, defines the events that marked the end of Anne’s life. Surrounding these traumas is the fictional story of Richard Wolfdonn, Jemima Thripp and the convoluted adventure which brings them together with many twists and turns within the vivid excesses of Tudor England.


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May 31, 2018