The Wind from the North

Stars and a Wind, Book 2

The Wind from the North

The Transanima are shape-changing creatures that are hated and feared by humanity.

In Book Two of the Stars and Wind Trilogy, Thoddun helps Skarga escape Grimr’s clutches, only to take her to a strange and dangerous place that no human has ever seen. Skarga knows that she’s falling in love with Thoddun, but isn’t sure if she can trust him. Will the Transanima werepeople welcome her? Neither man nor animal, they have learned not to trust humans.

Can the Transanima survive the treachery of the she-wolf Mandegga?

Mandegga’s jealousy drives her to commit desperate acts against the clan. Her deceit jeopardizes not only Skarga’s life, but also the future of the Transanima.
“I Loved this second book! It was full of suspense and excitement, a hopeful, suspenseful, dark love story. I’m looking forward to the third book and am an avid fan of this trilogy!” Amazon Review