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Welcome to this world of fiction... And the path it took to get there. Indulge your senses, with the visions, tastes and smells that run through my mind as I write these novels, maybe you will join me within the pages.. “I write because I cannot resist using words. They are my friends and companions, sometimes my children, and they whisper to me and beg me to bring them alive. They murmur in my dreams, they haunt my imagination, and I cannot ignore their needs. For if almost every word has its own collection of melodies and mental images, then imagine putting two words together. Those meanings are not simply doubled, but quadrupled. So put together three, then four, then a thousand...

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How much I love my Website


I love my website and here I truly feel that I am at


We all now have two homes, as the world has grown so much bigger. There is the physical footprint world, and the virtual armchair.


My footprints graze the world’s surface with successes, hard work and disappointments, and of course I am at home there too. But now we have the comfort of the armchair, where we can sit, smile, and exist on a whole new level. This virtual world is unrestricted, unbounded, limitless and open to infinite imagination.


So this website is my virtual armchair and it is gloriously comfortable. I have no technological expertise, so my armchair has been built for me, just as my country cottage has been built by others amongst the forests of semi-rural Australia. But I am no less at home in either. This website and my virtual reality is where I can celebrate my writing, the characters in my books whom I love so deeply, the flavours and inspirations of my working life, and the pathways which wind through my mind and lead in so many exciting directions.


So come sit with me in my armchair. It is well cushioned, extremely comfortable, and vivid with imagination. The journey starts here, both for you and for me. Who knows where we may end?



The Wind From The North, Book 2 of my Stars and a Wind Trilogy, is now published and available on Amazon in both ebook and paperback.


I am delighted to make this an announcement, as I have loved writing this book. I have a great passion for the historical fiction I write, and my research into medieval England. But writing fantasy brings the freedom of the imagination and I enter into new worlds of light and shade, where anything can – and does – happen. I live in those worlds while I write my fantasy novels, they are glorious words to enter and explore.


In Book 1, A White Horizon, I introduce my principal characters. The heroine Skarga and her amazing journey through fear and danger towards discovery and love, is at the heart of all three books. But then there is Thoddun, and he is an exciting character to imagine. He is like no other man, for strictly speaking, he is not a man at all. Then there is Grimr. The enigma, and the threat. Book 2 brings him more to the foreground. Lastly there is Egil, the young boy Skarga adopted when she was little more than a child herself. Their loyalty to each other is an integral part of the books.


While writing these books I have spent long nights imagining the freezing beauty of the frozen north. I have travelled some of those lands myself, but I have only been to Thoddun’s ice palace in my dreams. Yet dreams play an important part when I write. My characters come alive, marching through those dreams, breathing, smiling, speaking to me and leading me into their own needs and desires. Then it seems to me, step by step, that I am writing about real people. They are certainly real in my head, as is the tumbled crustal snow, the ice plains and the rolling freeze of an Arctic ocean.


My initial inspiration for this trilogy came from one magical day sitting in the front row of the stalls and watching the magic of Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake take shape before me. The principal dancer, Alan Vincent, seemed to become the first glimpse of my own unwritten character Thoddun. From that time, I forgot the swans, the music and the ballet and was transported into the story I would write myself. Inspiration can be a beautiful thing, sometimes rare. But when it comes, it sweeps in like a thunderbolt, and that’s what happened with this book.


So, as I say, here is Book 2 and I do hope you enjoy the unravelling adventures and the strange mysteries of the Transanima, the ice lands, and the magic of times long past.




Fair Weather will be released on June 2nd.


It is a historical fantasy/time slip novel which I am very proud to introduce, as I think it may perhaps be my favourite of all my novels. I adored writing this, and just as the time-slip plot of the book itself, I found myself travelling into two time zones.


Vespasian Fairweather is a man who crept into my dreams just as forcefully as he strides into this book. He was never an easy companion. His surname was adopted for a reason which becomes apparent – but the title of this novel is ironic – for Fair Weather is not at all the consequence.


Through present time and back into the early 13th century England of King John, we sweep from Molly to Tilda – but are they the same woman? Which is it that takes control? And does Vespasian understand a great deal more than he admits?


'Molly just wants to sleep at night, but the dreams won’t leave her alone. The light goes out while distant echoes of thunder diminish into the night. Molly has dreamed of it before, but this time her eyes are open and she is wide awake.


The man is bending over her but she can only see his shadow.


Then everything changes. It is a world of buzzing chatter, markets, the calls of birds, bright sunshine and the cobbled alleys of old London. There is gossip and friendship, the glitter of rain across the river, laughter outside the tavern, and the shouts of children chasing each other through the muddy lanes. The squelch between your toes, and happiness in the air.


But when Molly turns and blinks, everything dissolves into shadows once more. And she hears the siren of police cars, and they are coming closer.


An identical murder in the distant past of her dreams joins the two worlds in equal danger. Molly travels time but is followed by some horror which kills and mutilates at will.


 And the man, his voice the rustle of dead leaves, is always there. Yet Molly discovers far more than fear and misery. She discovers a whole new life, and a love she could never have imagined. she no longer wants to return – but she must.'


I am republishing this novel as it has been out of print for some years – I hope you will have a look at this book of which I am extremely proud.


It will be published on June 2nd on Amazon in both paperback and ebook editions. I would love some reviews ready to put up on the publication date – so if anyone would like a free review copy in exchange for a fair and honest review – then please contact me through this website, and I will gladly send a copy of the book ahead of publication.


Most of all, I do hope you will enjoy this – my very precious and favourite book.



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Fair Weather is coming SOON June 2nd 2016

Molly just wants to sleep, but the dreams won’t leave her alone. The light goes out while distant echoes of thunder diminish into the night. Molly has dreamed of it before, but this time her eyes are open and she is wide awake....