Welcome to this world of fiction... And the path it took to get there. Indulge your senses, with the visions, tastes and smells that run through my mind as I write these novels, maybe you will join me within the pages.. “I write because I cannot resist using words. They are my friends and companions, sometimes my children, and they whisper to me and beg me to bring them alive. They murmur in my dreams, they haunt my imagination, and I cannot ignore their needs. For if almost every word has its own collection of melodies and mental images, then imagine putting two words together. Those meanings are not simply doubled, but quadrupled. So put together three, then four, then a thousand...
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Stars and a Wind, Book three

Skarga has discovered love but not safety.

War is imminent, but no battle will be fought on equal terms. The great ice halls, the glaciers, and the vast horizon pause as the hoards from the south march forwards.

But they cannot possibly understand what is waiting for them and nothing is exactly as it seems. There is a good deal more to discover and Thoddun is the ultimate puzzle.

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Just released

Stars and a Wind book three, 'The Singing Star' was released on December 2nd.


The final book of my trilogy STARS AND A WIND will be out very soon now. This is a fantasy trilogy which I adored writing, and the deep wild inspiration came very strongly. I felt I was living in those frozen caves, wandering the crusty blue ice and trying to shelter from the whistling winds, the arctic blizzards and howling gales, while above the enormous arc of utter blackness enclosed the world in nigh time. When the winds died, then a great silence would echo across the ice, and the aurora would sheet the heavens in swathes of flowing green, magenta and turquoise. Then the stars would dazzle out across the whiteness below, and the transanima would reveal their dark mysteries and ancient secrets.


Books 1 and 2 and now 3 are  available on Amazon in both ebook and paperback. Take a look, I believe you will want to discover the conclusion.

Apologies for my absence...


They say moving house is as fraught as divorce. Personally I am finding it far worse!


First came two and a half weeks of packing. Endless packing, sorting and chucking out the dispensable.

I have never thrown out so many of my possessions before but the moving house process demands sacrifice! Then came the move itself and that was comparatively painless with lots of family help. But this was followed immediately by even more chaos. Everything I needed was inevitably hidden away in a box somewhere. The effort involved to actually feel at home instead of being kidnapped and living in

some alien landscape is an ongoing one.


However, here I am. And a little over one month later I actually do feel comfortably at home and can return to the thrill of writing my books. It is, after all, within my head and the pages of the books I write,  that I do actually belong. That’s where I’m at home.


I have shockingly neglected my website, unable to gain access to either my computer or any internet service for quite a long time. Much too long. But now I am back in front of the screen once more and ready to return not only to writing, but to publishing as well.


I feel settled now. My new home is taking shape around me and I will be delighted to return to the computer in order to write, and transfer the dreams into my head onto the screen.


Come join me!

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The Singing Star

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